...grew up in the sport of gymnastics and excelled at his passion since the age of five. He was a competitive gymnast till the age of 17 and competitive springboard diver till the age of 19.

Matthew began his coaching and teaching career in 1987 where he led his athletes to National titles, full collegiate scholarships and elite level competition. He developed and implemented their strength and conditioning for competition. Matthew furthermore helped coach Sports Acrobatics.

Matthew went on to perform with CIRQUE DU SOLEIL as an Aerial High-bar Catcher and Chinese Pole performer. With 32 years of teaching experience, Matthew instructs students in Trampoline, Handstands, Dynamic Acrobatics, Acrobatic Balancing, Functional Circus Strength and Conditioning and Chinese Pole. He is a Certified and insured Personal Trainer, and certified in Applied Functional Science (Gray Institute).

Matthew is also available for private lessons in Mobility, strength, Trampoline, handstands, dynamic acrobatics and tumbling, acrobatic balancing and Chinese Pole.


Classes are available in 1 hour and 2 hour options. Read class descriptions below.


Skills taught will include forward and backward rolling, headstands and handstands, cartwheels and variations of cartwheels, bridges, bending both forward and backward, back and front walkovers, round off's, back and front handsprings, back somersaults and front somersaults, and combinations of these skills.  All skills will focus on proper technique and progressions leading into more advanced skills.


Handstands are an essential skill for all types of acrobats. In class, coaches teach the coordination, body positioning and strength conditioning necessary to achieve confidence on your hands and work towards a free-standing handstand. A great introduction to acrobatics, as well as a great way to push the experienced acrobat to the next level in their training, this handstand class will advance students of every level.


Classes are available in 1 hour and 2 hour options. Monthly Packages start on the first of each month, and end on the last day of the month.

1 Hour Classes

Daily (Paid Before Class)
$40 individual class

Weekly Packages
$75 (2 Classes)
Monthly Packages
$140 (Maximum 4 classes)
$280 (Maximum 8 Classes)

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2 Hour Classes

Daily (Paid Before Class)
$60 (Individual Class)

Weekly Packages
$110 (2 classes)
Monthly Packages
$200 (Maximum 4 Classes)
$400 (Maximum 8 Classes)

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“My goal was to target a body fat percentage that would allow me to achieve more difficult skills on straps, trapeze and pointe. Taking HIIT classes allowed me to both drop weight and bulk muscle efficiently at the same time. I achieved my goal skill and am now working towards skills I didn't think would ever be possible. I'm super excited about my results and feel like I now have the right foundation to continue building on..”

Ellen Y.Student Acrobat

“I started doing acrobatics when I was 25, and I spent five years learning Handstand, tumbling, trampoline and Chinese pole with Matthew. The depth and width of Matthew's knowledge in acrobatics and gymnastics enables him to improve both beginners and seasoned athletes across many disciplines. He has plenty of experience in teaching skills through logical and efficient progressions. For those who are scared of new skills they can take comfort in the fact that Matthew is an excellent spotter!”

DaWei H.Acrobat and Body Worker

“It was my first trampoline class and first class at circus. I didn’t expect I would be able to do anything because I am not very strong. I learnt so much and felt happy and good about myself. I can’t wait for the next class. I’d recommend anyone to take it no matter what your skills are.”

Kristina K.Student Acrobat